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RoundDoor and StartedIn launch R. Michael Anderson UK tour

Written by Scott Dalgleish, MD at RoundDoor

RoundDoor has teamed up with StartedIn to bring San Diego based best-selling author, radio show host and successful entrepreneur R. Michael Anderson to the UK.

R. Michael Anderson is one of the world’s preeminent  leadership speaker with real Tech sector leadership experience, growing and selling multiple international software companies in California. He coaches leaders in global companies like Uber & Google and – through a chance introduction – he is coming to the UK.

I was introduced to Michael towards the end of 2016; he was speaking in Zagreb alongside Russell Dalgleish. Russell was eager to tell me about this Californian software entrepreneur – partly because of his Soul-Centered Leadership philosophy, but also because he is 6”9.  As I run my own business, it is always inspiring to hear the stories of successful entrepreneurs and I was keen to be introduced.

Michael told me all about his book, his entrepreneurial journey and the training sessions he carries out all over the world. Being intrigued by his Soul-Centered Leadership I enquired when he would next be touring the UK so I could come and hear him first hand.

“I don’t have plans to be in the UK anytime soon” said Michael. So I decided to fix that!

I contacted Kendra Byers at StartedIn, a community that focuses on promoting Scotland’s dynamic tech ecosystem, and I asked her one question. Would Michael’s skill set and experience be of value to some of the tech business owners here? A resounding yes was the answer.

StartedIn interact with their members frequently to put on events that the community will find great value in, and there appears to be a true desire for advice and guidance on leadership and how to best grow their team and their businesses.

Michael’s Soul-Centered Leadership focuses on transforming businesses and business leaders who are searching for more. In his books, speeches, and training sessions, Michael shows others how to unlock their own greatest leader through fearless confidence, purposeful direction, and unshakeable resilience. Michael teaches leaders how to lead others, as well as themselves, in the same ways that brought him global success.

Kendra and I came up with a plan and ran the idea past Michael, who was thrilled. He had always wanted to come to Scotland and was very excited to work with two young entrepreneurs.

With Michael on board we were ready to begin and we can now officially announce the launch of the R. Michael Anderson UK Tour, organised by RoundDoor and StartedIn.

We will be hosting his world-renowned Soul-Centered Leadership Masterclasses in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London & Bristol throughout April, along with a Fireside Chat networking event in the evenings.

We are so excited to have an opportunity to introduce Michael to the UK’s business leaders and allow him to share his unique type of leadership that helped him skyrocket his companies to international success.

Be sure to check out the tour website for information on tickets, dates and locations.

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