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From Full Stack to C# and BBC Digital to Startups

– Silicon #Milkroundabout had it all

After a long mornings travel from a windy Edinburgh to a blisteringly warm London, we pulled up at The Old Truman Brewery for the start entrance of #SMR11. The venue, which is right in the middle of the very fitting Shoreditch area of London, was perfect for the event – it was stalked with ice lollies, music, coffee, beer and fantastic food. The relaxed, confident and exciting tone was set up before doors opened.

I arrived to see my wonderful Edinburgh colleagues applying the final touches to our Edinburgh Tech Zone stand:

We had a stand full to the brim with some of the excellence Edinburgh has to offer; Codeplay, Nucleus, MiiCard, Money Dashboard, Float, Mallzee and Gecko Labs all came down looking for the finest talent.

The stand was busy from the off with the first day focusing on the UX, Marketing and Social Media experts who were budding with excitement and flocking to speak to some of our great representatives.

To my delight people were very open to the discussions of Edinburgh life and the fast growing tech scene. The likes of Skyscanner and FanDuel are well known across the UK but they are great ways to put into context the excitement of Edinburgh.

It was very easy to put into context the ever-growing tech scene when you have two Unicorn Companies as neighbours in our city centre.

Day two was even busier than the first with Full Stack developers and Data Scientists alike flooding the halls. Our stand was popular throughout with candidates already aware of who we were and delighted to talk more about the possibilities of relocating.

The Edinburgh companies worked with such synergy, knowing what each other did, what they were looking for and it was a great way to showcase how the Tech and Creative businesses in Edinburgh all get brought together though StartEDIN.

#SMR11 delivered exactly what it promised, we were in room with the candidates we were delighted to meet. And The Edinburgh Tech Zone did exactly what was expected – showcased the extraordinary talent in Edinburgh, and made a lasting impression on everyone we spoke too.

The StartEDIN Team

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