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Edinburgh Institute for Collaborative & Competitive Advantage launched

The Edinburgh Institute for Collaborative & Competitive Advantage (EDICCA) has been launched to help Scottish businesses find their competitive advantage and compete in these times of economic and political upheaval.

The institute, which is based at Edinburgh Napier University’s Craiglockhart Campus, has been created to help Scottish firms that are struggling to adapt to change, to strive and improve their ‘agility’ and compete more effectively.

The Edinburgh Institute’s founder, David Hood, is an expert in helping SME’s to step up and increase profitability and become stronger in the face of global competition, having written the book, ‘Competitive SME’, in response to this challenge.

David explained: “At a time of ever-increasing commercial competition and economic and political upheaval, business needs are changing far too fast to keep up.

“In Scotland, in particular, a country that relies on its small business sector and exports, the need for markedly improved competitive advantage is critical to survive and thrive.

“The already stressed-out SME owner or manager has enough to contend with, the diversions to try almost any desperate new measure takes them away from the ultimate, primary goal: and that is to create the best value, the ultimately irrefusable offer, that makes them stand out from the rest. In essence, they have to create their own market; we help them do just that.”

SMEs can join the institute and access clear, practical direction and hands-on help – a place where they can receive condensed and comprehensive resources for the SME owner, or manager, to rapidly change their prospects; to embolden them in the marketplace by maximising their competitive advantage, enhancing their offer in the market, and ultimately craft a new and powerful competitive edge.

David added: “Things are kicking off with a series of ‘Competitive Advantage’ one-day workshops in March, where a rapid insight into where competitive advantage may be uncovered and nourished.

“While there may be plenty of help and advice out there for start-ups, or re-organising the furniture in an organisation, there’s little to help existing SMEs really sharpen their proposition and project a distinctive presence in their market.”

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